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Highwaymen Artists
Highwaymen Artist

Highwaymen Artists

HaitianArt.com offers many works of the highwaymen artists. The Highwaymen artists are/were a collection of African American artists from Fort Pierce, Florida who painted vivid landscapes and Florida scenes. They painted from the 1950's to the 1970's and their works were sold commercially in galleries but mostly from the trunks of cars to passing motorists. Often showing the vivid colors of the royal poinciana tree and colorful skies and palm trees with the water of the Indian River in the background, these artists were masters at capturing Florida sunrises and sunsets.

While this is not Haitian art, HaitianArt.com offers it because it shares many of the same qualities that collectors of Haitian art appreciate.

The following is a list of the acknowledged Highwaymen artists. Please click on the link below to view all the Highwaymen paintings offered by HaitianArt.com, or click on the individual artist to view works by that artist.

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   Arnett, Curtis
   Baker, Hezekiah
   Black, Al
   Buckner, Ellis (deceased)
   Buckner, George (deceased)
   Butler, Robert
   Carroll, Mary Ann
   Daniels, Johnny
   Daniels, Willie
   Demps, Rodney
   Gibson, James
   Hair, Alfred (deceased)
   Knight, Issac
   Lewis, Robert L
   Maynor, John
   McLendon, Roy
   Moran, Alfonso (deceased)
   Newton, Harold (deceased)
   Newton, Lemuel
   Newton, Sam
   Roberts, Livingston
   Reagan, Willie
   Smith, Cornell
   Walker, Charles
   Wells, Sylvester M
   Wheeler, Charles

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